Plastic Balls Have Many Uses

When choosing your precision plastic ball supplier, it is to your advantage to select one that manufactures over one billion each year. That gives you the benefit of the company’s extensive experience in supplying the correct plastic ball for your particular needs.

Hollow and solid precision plastic balls are available on the manufacturer’s premises in sizes from 1/16th of an inch to four inches. The ball blanks are molded, ground and finished in a number of manufacturing sites and guarantee a continuity of global distribution that balls from abroad cannot promise.

plastic balls

Hollow roll-on balls are manufactured by the process of sealing two molded halves, grinding, and then finishing them. Sealed two-piece balls offer important advantages including uniform wall thickness, lower ball weight because of the uniform walls, and lower material costs. Hollow plastic balls are a valuable tool for minimizing the loss of chill or heat and for saving both chemical and energy costs.

These fatigue resistant and low cost balls are used in hundreds of applications including industrial, medical, furniture drawer slides, valves, pumps, irrigation and more.

Vapor containment and pollution control balls are blow molded and are resistant to most chemicals. The 100mm balls are available as air-filled or water-filled and are NSF61 certified. They provide a maintenance free and cost effective solution for controlling evaporation of liquids, chemical vapor emissions, heat losses, foul odors, corrosive fumes and microbial growth. is such a company and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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