Talking to a Mother of 2-year old Cancer Patient

Talking to patients, interviewing them, diagnosing, giving them important things for their medication and managing and following track of their recovery especially for cancer patients is just one of the things doctors do. But conversing with them, listening to them beyond being a doctor — just giving them some minutes more of the time talking other than about their illnesses especially to mothers with a 2-year old son suffering from cancer is such an overwhelming experience.

I actually had almost 20-minute talk, a layman talk to this mother whom I cried with in the middle of our conversation. As a mother of a 4-month old boy, I can feel how she wishes that her son would grow as normal as other kids would. She even mentioned that if only there’s a way to bring back the eyesight of her child, she would probably do it even how difficult that thing to attain for.

While I was staring at this boy, his mother mentioned that the boy loved to sing and even wanted to have a guitar or any musical instrument. I just then thought to myself if I could give this child a toy guitar or trumpet like the etude etr-100 at guitar center, the child would surely be excited then to play with that instrument. Hopefully, I could see that boy again before his birthday and hand him the toy I am thinking to give. And also, I am praying for the speedy recovery of those kids as well as for the parents of those kids to have a strong faith to God and would never give up to any trials they encounter.

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