Patient Financial Responsibility

I’d been a patient myself once, just recently, specifically when I gave birth to my only son, Zach, which I underwent cesarian section operation under general anesthesia. After the said operation, my husband took an eye on all the financial responsibilities which I found not an easy thing to do.

Patient Financial Responsibility

In fact, when he showed to me the final financial statement, I couldn’t think where he could get a centavo to pay for our bill. And to ease M’s confusions where to get money, I just threw him a joke, I said, he should found a set of jewelries and pawn them for us to have money for our bills.

But anyway, this is just one of the financial responsibilities of patients and as I could see it in our country, this is also one of the problems of every Filipino, on how this be managed. There are actually a lot of medical and health care insurances which can be of great help but most of the Filipinos are still not availing for it. I personally have only one medical insurance and it has helped me and M during my delivery.

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