Musician Patient

More often than not, patients always share their occupation to us during our interview with them. And I remember, one of my patients just shared to me that he is a musician and he used to play drums and he also has a collection of musical instruments at home. He also added that he has a complete set of an audio recording system which his band-mates use during their rehearsals.

That musician patient was confined to the hospital due to a three-day fever and headache. So instead of me asking more about the history of course of his illness, he was the one utilizing almost all of our time. He shared to me how his band started, how he got his first musical instrument and how he chose his band members. He also asked me if I am aware of online shopping since he tried it once with one of his musical instruments. A number of online musical shopping stores were mentioned and even the top quality brands of instruments.

Me, being just a trying hard musician, I just listened to him and let him talk and talk because I also noticed that he needed someone to talk to. When he mentioned a certain online shopping store, he made mention of some stuff he’d able to check out like traktor s4 at guitar center but he didn’t purchased one there because his traktor s4 audio component is still working until now.

After that long conversation we had, I just realized that it is good to experience having a musician patient who is also willing to share his experiences with you.

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