Managing Your Food Allergies

If you have food allergies you know how keeping yourself safe can consume your life. Proper management is key to avoid potentially life-threatening reactions. Allergy suffers need to pay incredible attention to details and not be afraid to ask questions.

Eating at a party or family/friend’s house isn’t too hard to manage. You can explain to them what you can and can’t have and how to avoid cross-contamination or simply bring your own food with you.

Eating out is probably the biggest challenge facing those with food allergies. While more and more restaurants are becoming aware of the need to accommodate those with allergies, you can’t trust the menu at all. Be sure to ask the server a lot of questions and make them aware of the procedures that will need to be followed to avoid cross-contamination. It may also be a good idea to ask to speak directly to the chef. When you eat out you should always have your Epipen with you at all times, and be with someone who knows how to use it should you have a reaction. This could save your life. If you’re having trouble affording one, check out the epipen coupon from AffordRx.

By the way, should you have an reaction, call 911 right away. Don’t try to treat it yourself beyond administering your epipen and don’t try and get to the hospital yourself. Just last month a girl in Ireland died after suffering a reaction in a restaurant. Her mother hadn’t bothered to bring an epipen with her, and for reasons unknown, first ran to the nearby pharmacy and demanded they give her one, and when she wasn’t successful, attempted to walk her daughter to the hospital. Her stupidity is as much to blame for her daughter’s death as the allergic reaction. Always be prepared and haves someone with you knows what to do in an emergency!

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