Hospital Bed Repair

We brought our grandmother to the hospital on the Christmas Day due to difficulty of breathing secondary to fever and cough. She was then diagnosed with pneumonia. With that said by the attending physician, my mother decided to admit my grandmother until she gets well — until her coughing stops.

When she’s  already there, she was at the private room with a comfortable bed, an air-conditioned room, and has its own comfort room. However, due to the cold season, there are still a lot of patients who are supposed to be at the ward room, but because they are more than enough to occupy the beds in the ward room, their beds are just lining up along the aisles going to the private room of my grandmother. The worst thing is that the stretchers or the hospital beds already needing some repairs. Some has loose bolts that need clam toggle to work on. Others are very obviously needing replacements.

Good enough that on that day we brought my grandmother in the hospital there was still an available private room to cater her or else, we would surely bring her to another hospital.

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