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When you’re trying to conceive, it can be difficult to wade through the mountains of information available online and in books. It seems that every doctor in every type of medical specialty has a new, exciting, surefire way to get pregnant. Unfortunately, a lot of these methods are costly and often exclude a majority of men and women. Much of the information on fertility and conception is wither too narrowly focused, too complicated and expensive, or too “new age” for most of the population.

For women facing fertility issues, Dr. Sami David has written a book that bridges the gap and is accessible to all audiences – from those who are just starting out to those who have spent months conducting their own medical homework.

Nobody is ever properly prepared for the stress that can come with trying to conceive. It puts strain on every aspect of your life and can even damage your most important relationships. “Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility” by Dr. David is a road map that women and men can follow to help ease the stress of conception and increase their chances of conceiving sooner, rather than later.

The program itself helps you to identify your fertility type according to traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. David then walks you through the potential roadblocks you face in your journey to conception. Finally, the book shows you how to overcome those road blocks with specific action steps you can take to boost your fertility. There are even tips for the men to help them with their sperm count, and improve motility.

But this is not just about Eastern medicine. Dr. David’s program marries Eastern and Western medicine. The program includes visiting a specialist to receive a specific diagnosis. The book outlines what you can expect from your work up and provides a list of questions to ask to help pin down your specific issues.

The whole idea behind the program is that in Western medicine, fertility doctors often bring guns to sword fights. Meaning they over-medicate and over-treat issues that can actually be treated with more direct and practical measures. The book discusses many things that can go wrong in your body that can be fixed quite easily, such as a simple infection that can be cured with antibiotics, or inflammation that can be fixed with low-dose aspirin. Matters of fertility can also be treated with noninvasive techniques. So often women jump right into taking fertility drugs or more invasive procedures like IVF. Dr. David’s book helps women understand that such extreme measures may not be necessary.

This is a practical guide for anyone hoping to conceive in the near future. The language is easy to understand and non-threatening. Before spending a lot of money on medical procedures, it’s worth it to learn a little more about your body by following this plan. Book reviewers and women with conception issues have been raving about the book and the program. Speaking about Dr. Sami David Examiner calls “Making Babies” a must-have for any woman trying to conceive. Dr. David is revolutionizing the way we think about conception, one family at a time.

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