Keeping your Teeth Healthy

I’m sure we’re all aware that our teeth are important. They help us eat, they help us speak and they are also the main thing people notice about us when we smile. Everyone wants a perfect smile so keeping them healthy and clean is a very important task and we should take it seriously. After all, it doesn’t take long give them a clean.

Cleaning your teeth clean
You should clean your teeth at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time. It is essential that you spend enough time cleaning your teeth so that it does its job properly. You should choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles to ensure that it doesn’t make your gums bleed, and also make short delicate strokes with the toothbrush. Roughly brushing your teeth will probably make your gums bleed – being gentle when doing it reduces your chances. Whilst you’ve got your toothbrush to hand make sure you gently clean the gums too.

Flossing is just as important
You should floss your teeth daily, by doing this you can ensure that the space between your teeth is clean and that your gums are healthy. Taking care of your gums is nearly just as important as taking care of your teeth as having unhealthy gums makes you more likely to lose teeth or need root canals when you’re older. It also gets rid of any bits of food or plaque which may be hiding between the teeth which a toothbrush wouldn’t quite get.

To chew gum or not?
Chewing gum is a very popular thing and most people chew it. But one thing most of these people probably don’t know is that it is full of sugar. Although a lot of them advertise themselves as being good for your teeth you must make sure they are sugar free. Although some may whiten your teeth, if they are full of sugar they will probably do more damage than good, regular chewing of sugary chewing gum could eventually lead to tooth decay. If you’re a common chewer, then look out for a pack that’s sugar free and you’re good to go. Gum can be good for getting rid of bacteria as it generates saliva and this cleans away bacteria in the mouth.

Eat your vegetables….
Make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamin C is a vitamin which is essential for keeping teeth healthy and a lack of this can make gums bleed and also promote gingivitis. Vitamin C can be found in plenty of foods so it’s easy enough to fit it into your daily diet. Foods which are high in this vitamin are sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges and red peppers. Calcium isalso a main factor to help maintain a perfect smile. This prevents bone loss, which means it will be a key factor in keeping your teeth. This nutrient directly affects the strength of your teeth which then leads to how long you’ll keep your teeth for. So, eat right and they should have a great impact on your pearly whites.

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