Ergonomic Adjustable Desks

When you were a small child and sat with the grown-ups at the dinner table, you probably had a hard time reaching your plate because your chin barely rose above the table top. You had to sit on a big, fat phone book to be able to scoop up your vegetables or reach for your cup of grape juice.

As you grew and got taller, the problem with tables being too high or too low did not go away. Fortunately, most desk chairs have a mechanism where you can raise or lower the height of the seat to adjust your sitting position. However, chairs are not the only way to deal with height issues of tables or different types of desks.

Ergonomic adjustable desks are the perfect solution for many different applications. If you have ever been an overnight patient in a hospital, you have probably seen an example of an adjustable table. When they serve you lunch in the hospital, they put that tray on an adjustable table. the table rolls on wheels and the flat surface acts like a TV tray that you can move up or down so, when it is time for lunch, you can comfortably spoon that delicious cup of broth down your throat.

Adjustable tables come in various designs. Some work with a pneumatic action where you release a lever and the table rises. Others use a hand crank to raise or lower the height. Such tables are very convenient in the workshop, the classroom, hospitals, offices, or for almost any other place where you need a sturdy, adjustable flat surface.

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