Options for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Looking for easy and effective ways to banish your night sweats and treat your irritating symptoms of menopause? Now you can, with Chicago hormone replacement therapy. Schedule an appointment to discuss all of your symptoms with your current doctor that you want to help you along the way.

Drenched and Heated

If you are suffering from the annoying symptoms caused by menopause and your aging body, you can try various methods to help alleviate some of your frustrations and to possibly get rid of the issues altogether. Hormone replacement therapy works by adding hormones to your body since it does not make them anymore. During menopause, you lose your female hormones and your body quits producing them all together. This is why you feel agitated, hot, and sweaty through the night hours. Adding some of the hormone back into your body can control these frustrating feelings, and it will allow you to feel happy once again.

Give It a Shot

There are a few different methods that you can try to get some of the female hormone back into your system. The first method is a synthetic estrogen that can be applied in a spray, cream, gel, or a patch form. It is the most effective in steering your hot flashes away and keeping your night sweats at bay. Try any of the forms until you find one that works best for you.A tablet can also be inserted into your body for slow absorption and can also help with slowing down your heated body and waking up in the middle of the night drenched in an ocean of sweat.If you cannot find any form of relief with any of these methods, schedule an appointment to meet with your doctor to discuss what other treatment options you may have so that you can find your way to a pleasant night’s sleep.

A Happy Ending

The process of menopause is not so fun and can be very depressing if you do not control or address it. With Chicago hormone replacement therapy options, you can begin to gain some relief and feel good about yourself once and for all.

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