Why Choose a Natural Skin Product

Natural skin care products are products taken from usually botanical sources. Basically, these products are found in nature and not combined with synthetic chemicals. These products are then processed in such a way that the integrity of the products is not compromised. These natural derivatives are usually essential oils, herbs, flowers and other plants. They are usually combined with naturally occurring emulsifiers, humectants, preservatives or surfactants. These products are both good for the user and good for the environment. Purely synthetic products often have a negative effect on the body and can negatively influence the water when washed down the sink.

There are some studies which say the average person comes into contact with nearly 500 different synthetic chemicals a day. This is a combination between what is put on our skin, what we use to clean the house and what we come into contact with through daily living. Individually, these chemicals are not necessarily toxic, but they can build up and these small doses can accumulate over time and become toxic. These free radicals can be eradicated with anti-oxidant rich natural skin products. The products which make it further than the skin can be reduced by anti-oxidant rich vitamins.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It absorbs 60% of the chemicals it comes in contact with. Toxic and harmful chemicals touch it every day. A natural skin product that can reduce the effect of these harmful chemicals will not only serve the body well, but will improve the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin in the long run. Unfortunately, the people who make the synthetic products have bigger advertising budgets and can make you forget about natural products. But with the right education, natural products can take their rightful place in the psyche and on the skin.

Another consideration to make with natural skin products is the quality of the sample. Products should have a verifiable source of their potency. Synthetic products have this kind of verification, but they hide it in exchange for flashy advertising. Where the natural products are grown and extracted makes a big a difference in the quality of the product. Be careful about the percentage of a certain ingredient included in “natural” skin products. If the natural product is not one of the top listed in the ingredients list it might not be as natural as you might think. Education is the key to the best natural skin products.

For many people looking to find quality natural skin care products, it can be a daunting process. A company that has gained a reputation for making some of the highest quality natural products is Mad Hippie. The difference between this brand and many others is that they use very highly sophisticated ingredients. This results in products that bring more of a noticeable effect to the skin. Many of the other natural skin care brands are great for hydrating the skin, but do not have the advanced anti-aging ingredients.

Taking care of your skin by natural means is essential for the safety of your body and prevents your system from coming in contact with too many harmful synthetic chemicals. We all want to live a long and healthy life and one of the best ways to ensure this is to avoid contact with known carcinogens in the environment, including those featured in many skin products.

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