Hospital Laboratory Refrigerator

When I had the chance to visit the inside of the medical laboratory in the hospital, I immediately grabbed the opportunity since it would be my first time ever to see how things going on inside the said laboratory.

There were actually a lot of surprising things which I only has seen first during the said visit. I can’t fully mentioned them all here since I haven’t known them all — the correct terms of the names of those stuff. But the experience of seeing how medical laboratory technicians and the equipments go through was enough for me.

But there was only one thing which really caught my attention first, the laboratory refrigerator which I first thought an rf197acrs model from Samsung but it isn’t.

Laboratory RefrigeratorLaboratory Refrigerator

 The laboratory refrigerator I was talking was looking the same in the image above but not really that one. Why it caught my attention? It was because, as I’ve said, that was my very first time to see that laboratory refrigerator and I didn’t know those stuff really exist.

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