Compression Garments

Compression stockings reduce leg swelling and help prevent venous disorders. The latest models decrease lactic acid, increase oxygen delivery, and reduce muscle fatigue. There is no doubt that many athletes trust these products.

Compression garments have been used for decades to combat the formation of blood clots and increase circulation. Made from an elastic fabric, these stockings are used for medical purposes.

What Are Compression Stockings for?

These special garments are usually prescribed for conditions that cause poor blood flow in the legs, such as lymphoedema, venous leg ulcers, varicose veins, and circulatory issues. Many athletes and runners use compression stockings to improve blood flow and reduce cramps. Recent studies suggest that these products may enhance running performance and decrease muscle soreness.

Are These Products Effective?

Compression stockings are a simple and affordable way to prevent deep vein thrombosis by keeping blood flowing. These products can not cure varicose veins, but they can successfully prevent further progression of venous disorders. Some models are specifically designed for active individuals. They boost athletic performance and increase oxygen blood flow to energize your legs. These garments provide different levels of compression. They are available in several sizes and lengths.

People who are at increased risk of forming blood clots in the legs should wear compression stockings daily. Your doctor will tell you what type of stocking suits your needs. The level of compression will influence their effectiveness. These products come in a wide range of colors and look the same as regular hosiery. Make sure you replace them every six months.

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