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Physicians and dentists have long recognized the need for personalized care. The treatment plan is always customized to the individual needs of the patient, and it is based on the medical history, patient’s oral habits as well as genetics and environment.

The dentists strive to create family-oriented practices combined with molecular tools, imaging, computer science and regenerative medicine. As a result, the dental professionals, researchers, educators and patients are fully involved in effective oral care leading to the retention of dentition for life.

New methods of pain management have been developed as well. Most recent studies were focused on chronic and acute orofacial pain onsets and different techniques to manage the discomfort. Many risk factors and comprehensive analysis were taken into consideration during the studies. The results are not yet ready for clinical approach, but they provide several crucial clues which healthcare professionals may be able to use in management of pain. 80 institutes and universities participated in the studies of susceptibility to chronic orofacial pain and infectious diseases related to dental pathogens, caries development and periodontal disease.

The computer imaging has lead to better understating of biofilm and plaque development as well as research based on combating the issue. The treatment decisions are now formed using new technologies to diagnose the problems and allow the patients to fully understand the process.

Many areas of dental research lead to a dialog between educators, clinicians and the public. The progress will accelerate the knowledge and future approach to dental health. If you are looking for a more modern approach to dentistry contact springfield va dentist for an evaluation and full treatment plan.

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