How Bad Health Hurts Personal Finances

Going to medical school is a challenge all on its own. It’s very stressful and time consuming. You will find yourself paying less attention to yourself as you focus on work and your education. The sad part is how you are supposed to be helping sick people but you find yourself being the one sick. Starting off in medical school leaves you open to a lot of negative consequences, especially when you don’t have health insurance. It’s understandable how hard it is to obtain health insurance as a student and complete your internship. One way or the other it’s costly to be sick. You need to either pay for health insuranceand deal with a co-payment or have an expensive medical bill. Here are ways being in bad health can hurt your personal finances.

Frequent Doctors’ Visits

The sicker you get the more you are visiting your doctor. Every doctor does not take state medical assistance. It’s hard as a student without a job to receive Health Insurance unless covered under a parental plan. When it comes to your health, you want not only the best but a doctor you can trust. Some medical providers allow payment plans while others don’t. If you are not actively working it can affect your ability to pay for your visits. This in turn can have a negative impact on your credit leaving you with hundreds to pay back.

Poor Performance in Class

Being sick is a miserable time in our lives. Our health can fail in many ways such as sore throats, fevers, body aches and respiratory illness. When our bodies feel bad we have a lack of concentration and unable to retain information. It’s important to meet for each class session. If you are sick you miss the opportunity to keep a good participation grade. You will miss valuable information that’s needed for testing if you consistently miss class. If you do not pass your class you may be responsible for a retake fee as well as paying for the class again.

Too Many Sick Days

If you are lucky enough, you have obtained a paid internship. Internships are unlike a traditional job. An internship may not offer employee benefit such as vacation and sick pay. If your health starts to fail and you miss work as an intern, you will not be paid for the days missed and too many days will run you the risk of being let go from a promising opportunity.

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