Becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer

Health and fitness has become a major concern for people nowadays owing to their hectic life and busy schedules. Many people prefer to have a personal trainer to have a regular fitness regime. So if you are planning to build you career in this field, there are sure to be a lot of opportunities for you.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Like any career, there are steps to becoming a Personal Trainer:

Do you have the qualities of a successful trainer?

If you are planning to become a personal trainer, then you need to develop a lot of skills and qualities. As a trainer, you must be systematic, inspirational, a good listener, self-disciplined, organized, persistent and a source of motivation for your clients.

You also must learn how to communicate the “benefits” not the features of your program. People don’t care about your fancy private gym, nor the 12 certifications you have; all they care about is RESULTS. Can you promise results and make it happen? If you can, you’ll be a well-compensated fitness professional.

Choose a certification

People mainly prefer certified trainers today as they offer credibility. No matter if you wish to work for a gym, start your own business or work as a self-employed trainer, you need to have certificate of a personal trainer to do the same. You can get a certificate either from a traditional school or you can also take up a distance learning course for the purpose.

One of the most well-respected certifications is through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). The exam is comprehensive and will prepare you train a wide variety of clients.

Choose a specialty

This step is not required, but it is always good to set yourself apart from other personal trainers. The fitness industry is extremely competitive and any edge can go a long way towards making you a successful personal trainer. Plus, becoming specialized will allow you to boost your resume, market yourself better and increase your pay.

One example of a specialty certification is the ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist certification. This certification will allow you to work with special populations such as people with chronic diseases or injuries.

Beyond Personal Training

Once you are an established personal trainer orsmall business owner there are a number of opportunities available to you. You can consider consulting, fitness writing, athletic coaching or group fitness instruction. The path to becoming a successful personal trainer is long and arduous, but the benefits are limitless if you put in the time and effort.

About the Author:
Martha Blythe has battled with her weight for most of her adult life. She finally was able to defeat her lifelong battle with the excess pounds by hiring a personal fitness trainer who was able to motivate her and help achieve long lasting results.

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