NPSC top neurosurgeons

Spine and brain injuries are nothing to mess with. They require specialized care from a highly-trained and qualified physician.

Spine and Brain Injury

If you or a loved one is suffering from a neurological disorder, check out this site to consult with one of the NPSC’s top neurosurgeons in the country.

Neurological Surgery PC is a Long Island-based group of some of the most talented and dedicated specialists in the country. Many of the surgeons on staff are award-winning leaders in the medical community and are chiefs of medicine in their field at their respective hospitals. This group treats some of the most complicated brain and spine disorders known to science, including: * Epilepsy * Brain tumors and other cancers * Concussion * Spinal cord injuries * Sciatica * many more common and uncommon neurological disorders.

The practice also has a Pediatric Neurosurgery Center and a Spine and Pain Management Center with a world-class staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists who’s compassionate care and skill can improve the quality of your life. The surgeons and non-surgical medical staff are affiliated with some of the top hospitals in the country, including St. Joseph, Winthrop University Hospital, Mercy Medical Center, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, Glen Cove Hospital, and many more.

Nineteen top-rated New York hospitals in all have the cream of their medical community concentrated in one place: the Neurological Surgery P.C. All it takes to get a consultation and treatment with a surgical specialist at NSCP is a phone call. A representative will walk patients through the appointment process and answer any questions they can about treatment and options.

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