Modern Medical Packaging

Modern medical packaging is not just a wrapper. Innovative and award-winning new packages also maintain humidity and sterility, measure characteristics of the contents and even actively keep the contents at the proper temperature. All of these novel systems, however, have one thing in common. They must still be tested according to the procedures established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Meeting the standards means passing tests in several areas. Accelerated aging Subjecting a package to abnormal stress helps determine how long it will continue to work in a normal environment.

Seal strength and leak detection.

Packages often contain things that may leak, or they may be exposed to environments where contaminants can leak in. This is why modern medical products packaging testing involves verifying, often in a vacuum, that the seal remains intact and that the package itself does not leak.

Package performance.

Most products are subjected to mechanical stress at some point in the supply chain due to handling accidents, vibration in transit, compression and so forth. ASTM specifies protocols for testing packages to make sure they remain intact in these situations. Testing of medical packages is accomplished by reputable specialists in the field, so that consumers know that the medical products their caregivers use were not compromised before they were ever opened.

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