5 Natural Ways Believed To Fix A Cold

Colds slow us down and make us feel bad, but we’ve simply come to terms with the fact that they’re part of life. However, there may be some remedies for the common cold that can get you feeling like yourself again much faster. Best of all, these remedies use natural ingredients to fix the common cold.

5 Natural Ways Believed To Fix A Cold5 Natural Ways Believed To Fix A Cold (image from turner.com)

Rosemary Steam Treatment

The combination of rosemary essential oil and steam is commonly touted as a natural remedy for the common cold, especially if nasal congestion or sinus pressure is particularly problematic symptoms for you. To use rosemary essential oil, simply place two to three drops of the oil into just boiled water and stir. Close your eyes and lower your face over the boiling water, making sure you don’t get so close your burn yourself. Inhale the mixture until the water cools and there’s no more steam – about five to six minutes.

Echinacea Supplements

While reviews of Echinacea are somewhat mixed, many people claim that taking Echinacea supplements as soon as they feel a cold coming on can be very helpful in reducing the severity and duration of the common cold. Echinacea is a natural herb, and it’s generally sold in tablet form, though you can find Echinacea teas available from many health food and herb stores. When taking Echinacea capsules, follow the recommended dosage of the manufacturer, and look for products that don’t contain too many extra ingredients.

Elderberry Tea

Elderberry tea has been a popular remedy for the common cold in many European countries for years. The ideal mixture for elderberry tea is a mixture of elder flowers and peppermint leaves – something you’ll likely be able to find in a local health food store online. However, you can make your own with red elderberries and peppermint leaves using a 2:1 ratio. Prepared elderberry syrup like the brand name Sambucol can also be mixed with liquids like tea to help cure the common cold.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is a sweet herb than many proponents of natural remedies prescribe for the common cold and flu. The use of licorice root can also be very helpful for people with sore throats or chest congestion in many cases, even if other cold and flu symptoms are not present. The most common way to use licorice root is by making prepared tea, though licorice root capsules are available from many health food stores, and some homeopathic preparations are available as well. If you choose to drink licorice root tea, most proponents recommend drinking a cup before each meal.


It doesn’t get any more natural than water, and drinking a considerable amount when you have a cold may help it go away. Water works by helping to push things out of your system and thin mucus and bacteria that make your cold symptoms worse. That means that while water may not have any antibacterial properties on its own, it can make you feel better faster, helping you get back to your daily routine without the symptoms of a common cold. Most medical professionals recommend drinking 10 eight-ounce glasses of water or more per day when you have a cold.

It’s always good to try out different options but if none of these remedies work or you’re allergic to these options, its always best to go back to regular cough medicine which might just work faster for your body.

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