Three Great Moments During a Woman’s Weight Loss Journey

Using a program like the one at means making a commitment to a healthier life and becoming accountable for what you put into your body. As tough as it can be sometimes to swap out the greasy fried foods for green leafy options and hit the pavement for regular cardio, the results are oh-so-worth the effort. Every weight loss journey is unique, yet there are benchmarks most share which remind us – in the most compelling way – why we’re doing it.

The ‘This Probably Won’t Fit Me’ Top Fits

When you struggle with your weight, shopping is a nightmare you avoid at all costs. When you start to lose those pounds, though, you’ll find yourself plucking things off the racks at stores and thinking, “This probably won’t fit me, but…” and you will disappear into the dressing room, your heart racing. Try not to burst into tears when a top in a size you haven’t worn since high school slips onto your body and looks like it was tailored to your new, fantastic figure.

You Receive an Appreciative Cat-Call

Construction men not only build the gyms where you work on your fitness, they appreciate the end results. Cat-calling can leave some women pretty indignant, but when it comes to how hard a dieter has been working on her body, a little appreciation from the male set can be, well, kind of nice. Yes, it’s pretty inappropriate; but go ahead and secretly love it. No one has earned it like you.

The Diet Food Starts Tasting Good

Chances are, if you manage to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off, you aren’t eating cardboard breads and limp vegetables anyway. But there comes a point in every successful dieter’s journey where they look down at their bowl of whole wheat linguine with shrimp and spinach and realize: “This tastes good. I like this. And I love sticking to it, because I feel amazing!”

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