Death After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I really don’t have any idea how a simple wisdom tooth extraction can cause death to a 24-year-old man from California. While reading the article, I could then even told myself that it was somehow good for me to not thinking of removing my wisdom tooth because of this dreadful news.

Accordingly, the Californian man, Marek Lapinski, who was a software developer from San Diego, experienced complications while the surgical procedure was on going. An anesthetic propofol was then given to him after he woke up coughing during the said procedure.

Mr. Lapinski was then sent to a hospital when the family noticed his condition worsened. Three days after, he died.

Isn’t it something that we all can ask to ourselves or to any medical professionals does a wisdom tooth extraction can really cause death of any person?

The worse thing as this thing happened was when the paramedics tried to intubate Mr. Lapinski, they found two (2) pieces of surgical gauze in the airway of the patient. Do you think this was the reason for the complications of the surgical wisdom tooth removal of the patient?

In any events that we’re going to take especially when health is compromised, insurances like dental insurance, health and medical insurances are just some of the things we need to get ready of so that if unexpected things happen, we can always rely on those insurance benefits. But we also not to forget the quality of health and medical care we received using our health insurances.

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