Is the fairy hobmother sick?

When I received an email with a subject line saying ‘Greetings from the fairy hobmother’, nothing popped out in my mind at that very moment but thinking the fairy hobmother was sick and seeking for a consult. Was he really sick? Smiley

Fairy Hobmother

Definitely, NO! The fairy hobmother wasn’t sick but he just visited me to drop by some love — to grant a wish I’d been longing to realize. Sweet, isn’t he? Smiley

Anyway, I’d been wishing to have my own washing machine coz it’s undeniably so tiring and time-consuming to hand wash my uniforms and scrubs. If I got one, I am pretty sure to I could use it maximally as I could and might never look for a personal launder. I tried looking for a second-hand washing machine, a way cheaper than brand new one, but mom didn’t agree with me. I also found goodie products at and never thought it is the fairy hobmother’s appliance online perks. What a coincidence! Isn’t it?

This time around, I want you to meet the fairy hobmother as well. He’s really a good man and he surely could make you happy and feel blessed as what he did to me. Enjoy blogging!

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