Soup No. 7 — What is it about?

If there’s soup no. 5 then; now, here’s another, the soup no. 7 which has been available now in the market and thought to be an affordable stem cell. These products are giving people false hope in providing a significant sexual appetite, a good and younger looking skin and believed to delay aging and a lot more promises.

But these are all just bogus stem cell products according to the spokesman of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA), Dr. Leo Olarte. The Philippine Society for Stem Cell Medicine (PSSCM) representative, Christian Emmanuel Mancao, also said that stem cell products couldn’t be available in powder forms as those available and being offered in spa clinics and beauty parlors in capsule forms, soaps and shampoo.

Stem cell products are not just ordinary materials but these are biological cells, living cells for that matter, which has the capability to divide into a specialized cell types and can even renew itself and produce even more stem cells. These stem cells are not easily be done in an ordinary laboratory but highly specialized and with sufficient medical equipment to ensure healthy and proper reproduction and processes done for stem cell production.

Stem Cell CultivationStem Cell Cultivation (image from

Hence, the so-called Soup No. 7 that is cheaper and available in any forms in the market today is basically bogus. The Department of Health (DOH) , PMA and PSSCM are also warning the public that these products might even cause diabetes and other serious illnesses.

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