Run for Juan 2013: Am I Ready?

The annual fun run event of the medical society, the Run for Juan, will be held this coming February 24, 2013 which was first scheduled on January 2013. Anyways, in as much as I wanted to join fun run events, not just the coming Run for Juan but also other running events, one thing which always bothers me much is that — if am I ready to run a kilometer or more.

Fun run, as its name implies, supposed to be a fun running event which aims not just for fitness but for ‘a cause’ (it may seemed). But in my case, I may think and foresee it not a fun event anymore because of my health status right now. I am not claiming I am sick, I wanted to. But my migraine is somehow killing me to death, slowly. It’s like something is physically squeezing my head that my brains gonna splatter out. Can you imagine how rude migraine attacks?

Yes! Migraine, as what I always been mentioning since then, is not a just an ordinary headache but the one that keeps every patient to lie on bed, do nothing, but rest, eat well and wait until the migraine subsides. What makes it worse, for me, is that my history of vertigo aggrevates my headache. It seems like everything around me are spinning.

How then would a run be fun when you are suffering all these?

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