Perfect place to recover from illness

Many said, there’s no such ‘perfect’ or most ‘conducive’ place set out from a standard where one has to find and opt to stay to recover from illnesses but rather it’s a choice of any patient whether he or she has to stay in a hospital, in an ordinary room where he/she used to stay or a place where the patient can relax, feel very comfortable, a stress-free place, perhaps. These all just depends on the choices of every patient.

But for me, if and only if a rare debilitating disease would hit me, I won’t probably stay in a hospital. I feel like if I’m in the hospital, I’d be getting more sick and everything around me would surely made me more stressed out and pressured to get very well – those ventilators, machines, and medicines, they surely would make me even more sick psychologically. I’d rather prefer to stay in a place where I can find fresh fruits and vegetables and a clean, refreshing air to breathe free from urban smog.  This may sound impossible but checking online for some places made me stumble real estate sunset beach properties in North Carolina. I am not saying I’d be staying in the place for a lifetime, maybe a week or more, or a month or two, would be enough for any patient. Isn’t it?

Well, that is just for me — my ideas, my preferences. It’s like having a vacation — a health-related vacation elsewhere. What do you think of that?

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