Home Clinics, is it a good choice?

I have heard a lot of medical doctors who opted to have their own clinics near or inside their house. It is because they wanted to spend quality time with their family if they do not have patients waiting for them. Comparing it to hospital clinics or at the malls, whether they have patients or not, they needed to be there because at any time, a patient may come in and it isn’t good to let patients wait until the doctor arrives.

Home clinics are also way cheaper than hospital clinics and mall clinics. Monthly space rentals, electric and water bills are spared.

Home Clinics

When talking about the number of patients or clients coming by, I guess, it is not a problem. Patients, as far as I’ve experience, chose their preferred doctors, so whether, you are at your home clinics, hospital or mall clinics, they surely will visit you and seek consult with you if they wanted to.

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