Handwritten or Printed Prescriptions from Medical Doctors: Which One You Prefer?

Sooner or later, I will be personally prescribing medications to my patients with my name, license number and signature on it. However, in as early as now, a not so important question but important enough for the patients’ prescriptions is bothering me much — if either I’ll be personally handwriting the medical prescriptions or have them printed for my patients?

 Sample Medical PrescriptionSample Medical Prescription (image from alabamacme.uab.edu)

I know, since I was small, I don’t have a good and presentable penmanship. I can’t blame anybody on this because I know from myself that since then I am the most lazy when it comes to writing, practice writing. My penmanship, be it cursive or not, is not really good and thinking of prescribing medications handwritten would never be a good option, I presume.

Sometimes, I am also thankful for the advent of technology which can hide my penmanship from being scrutinized even in school paper works. And I am assuming in the future as well — in prescribing medications to patients. Since there are a lot of printing companies available, both online and offline, which are of help to reproduce blank prescriptions, it is best to utilize them, perhaps. Though most of these companies are business card printing online companies, I am pretty sure they can also help out in producing blank prescription print outs.

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