Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

Smoking has been known to cause, or if not, almost always associated to a number of debilitating diseases. And there’s no other way to help oneself preventing the development of any diseases but to quit smoking. However, to quit smoking ain’t always easy since the body has been used to having a certain quantity of nicotine, the chemical component in cigars that causes people to get addicted to smoking.

Some of the smoking withdrawal symptoms include:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • the urge or craving for nicotine

Smoking Withdrawal SymptomsSmoking Withdrawal Symptoms (image from

Accordingly, when deciding to quit smoking, it usually takes 8-12 weeks to totally withdraw and quit smoking. Many said, it is recommended to gradually lower the number of sticks of cigars smoked a day until it’s totally ceased. Others are utilizing the best mild cigars until their body could adjust to lower nicotine contents of cigars they smoke.

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