Medical School Musical Team

As I always mention in my other blogs, I am one of the many lass who wishes to be blessed with the golden voice. I sing, sometimes, but my voice isn’t that comparable to other medical students who are really into music and used to sing and practise more often. However, when the team needed more singers, I didn’t hesitate to volunteer myself to join and for the success of the team.

We had music recordings done already last week and on the other week. The team planned of finalizing everything from recording to the music video this coming week and since we are all medical students, we are just utilizing what musical instruments some members are having. We still needed few musical instruments which I wish I have one so I can lend it to the class. I don’t know and I’m not sure if the team is looking for cheap ibanez amp, or maybe any amplifier then. But as I’ve said, I couldn’t contribute much when it comes to musical instruments but only my precious voice. LOL!

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