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There is much we can learn from nature. Scientists would not contradict that; nor does the Bible. Jesus Christ even reminded his disciples to observe, study nature (to consider the lilies in the field as found in Luke 12:27) in his teachings as well as in his parables.


Now, if Scientists and Christianity or the different religions of the world encourage us to learn and respect nature, why not consider how important exposure to it can be as one recovers from ailments including overcoming from alcohol and drug addiction? There is something about nature that refreshes and makes one see life quite differently than one usually does.

This is an aspect of Morningside Recovery that is highly recommended: they have an adventure program that allows a person to explore the natural side of life as one moves towards recovery from alcohol or drug use. This program consists of exposure to the wilderness with their nature retreat and then they also have a beach retreat program.  You see, the wilderness, the beach — their own life and rhythm can also help a person explore his/her internal rhythms. What hinders a person from living a fuller life – one free from drugs and alcohol? What could he or she do to move forward?

Morningside Recovery provides a full drug rehabilitation program which could be the very one you or your loved one needs.

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