Clinical Trials and Medical Research Projects

When it comes to research, be it medical or non-medical one, I always have the heart, patience and mind on to it. It is not just because I am a medical student, but I could say that the training, the experiences I had in research during my college years in the University of the Philippines (UP) really taught and molded me how to come up with a quality research output.

This time around in medical school, and in the institution I am connected with, we are studying medical researches and analyzing clinical trials as well. And for the past months that we are following a number of researches in medical school, what we observed is that for a research that is too costly as it is presumed by each medical school, even how good it is and helpful in the medical field, but too pricey, such medical institution almost always give up to that research or recommend it to other research group. Hence, patency of the work is changed then which really saddened the original researchers. They could do nothing but to accept the reality though but for the research to be pushed through, it should be handed to other people who has enough funds for researches.

If only cureLauncher, an institute which funds medical research and clinical trials, is available in the Philippines, I would surely recommend this to where that said medical research be funded. I am not sure if they accept researches from the country though, but I am sure before they accept researches and clinical trials for funding they evaluate them thoroughly.

Let me tell you more about cureLauncher. As mentioned earlier, it is a group of medical professionals who aimed at providing cures, solutions and advancements in the medical field through providing sufficient funds to medical researches and clinical trials that sought to evaluate useful and for long-term benefits in the medical field. The most recent project the institute is supporting today is on cancer research. As we all know, cancer is the top disease that we all don’t want to suffer from. Studying more on cancer would surely unveil us a new and easier way to treat patient and even on preventing us from having one.

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  1. kim says:

    i love research myself! in fact, it was my dream to be a researcher. sadly, i wasn’t given any chance.. 🙁

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