2-hour Videoke With Medical Friends

After the exam we had this morning, my friends in medical school went in my place to dine. We had lunch together, watched the noon-time TV programs and of course, some laughs and chit-chats.

But randomicity never stopped us to have a videoke session at the nearest and newest videoke house from the hospital and medical school.

At no time, we immediately rushed to Papa O, the videoke house I previously mentioned. As we arrived there, it was still closed and not accepting clients yet, but seemed like the owner saw and heard us conversing in-front of the said establishment with a saddened faces and feeling dismay, they opened their videoke house and started operations just for us.

It took us minutes more than two hours to sing, dance, laugh and giggle with our favorite musics and tunes. In fact, as we played one of the rock songs which really waved and pushed our body to swing, we thought of playing with us guitars like squier jaguar and feeling like real rock stars and singers and hitting those drums as well.

Suffice it to say, that 2-hour Videoke With Medical Friends was really a blast and was a de-stressant!

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