Shortest Way to the Hospital Laboratory

Don’t get me wrong, but if there’s a shortest way to any destinations we wanted to go, we, most often than not, try to find and follow it for us to save time moving. True, isn’t it? And learning the shortest way to the hospital laboratory is a big advantage for me and to anybody working at the hospital for an easier access and a faster transactions to follow up. This, by far, the happiest thing I ever knew today.

I was actually trying to trail the common and usual routes for hospital clients going to the laboratory from the main entrance and lobby. But because the hospital is too big and I always need a map for me to follow this and that departments, and for easier work, I opted to just ask the operations guard to help me find out the hospital laboratory. I guess he already noticed that every time I looked for any rooms, I always happen to ask him, a coincidence, I presume. The latest that I inquire him was the hospital laboratory. He pointed and shared to me the shortest way getting there and even reminded me that since I am a medical student, we are only few who are allowed to use the route and inform only those who are allowed.

I smiled to him and thanked that very helpful and smiling guard.

While moving to the laboratory, I didn’t notice I was already inside the lab and bumped myself to the lab oven. Good enough I didn’t cause much destruction and accidents.

I was really thankful to that guard for sharing me the shortest way to the hospital laboratory.

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