Prevent Tooth Decay

The teeth, most often than not, function most of the mechanical part in the mouth including breaking and grinding of foods. This action of the teeth helps easy swallowing of foods preceding digestion in the stomach.

As part of this activity of the teeth, they are exposed to constant wear and tear though the teeth are said to be resistant to cracks.

This wearing and tearing of the teeth is commonly seen to patients who usually clench or grind their teeth. It is also called bruxism. And bruxism can also result to teeth becoming vulnerable to decay.

Some of the proper care of teeth to prevent wearing and tearing of teeth and consequently, tooth decay and losing of teeth are as follows:

  • The very most common cause of tearing teeth is the grinding or biting of hard foods which include ice cubes. This shouldn’t be done; hence one should avoid grinding or biting of hard foods.
  • Brushing of teeth is still the best method to make the teeth clean and even the breath.
  • Floss the teeth and make sure no bits of pieces of foods are left in between teeth after brushing.
  • If you found pits on your teeth, make sure to clean and no foods left on the pits since those can cause tooth decay and even produce pain.
  • It is still recommended to see a dentist. Dentists can check, inspect and even give you detailed information on any problems of your teeth. If there are breaks in the teeth and need dental intervention on it, you may see Sugar land cosmetic dentist or other dentists and clinics to do your teeth.
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