Pre-loved Medical Books and Reviewers

I have talked to my mom lately that I will be needing more books and the need to buy board exam reviewers. However, though she just always say “Yes” to me and almost never contradicts to my idea, I have realized that buying for new books and new sets of reviewers is a bit costly for us where used books and reviewers are available and of course, still useable and updated.

I have recently met a newly-passed physician who decided to sell her old books and reviewers. With that, I decided to buy all her old books that I could probably use in the future as well as her sets of reviewers. I also told this to mom, and good enough she agreed with my decisions.

Medical school is not like the secondary nor college education where the requirements in school and fees are just somehow affordable. I couldn’t imagine how many times to fold my college tuition and other fees compared in medical school. And as much as I wanted to help my parents in sending me to school, in terms of finances, I couldn’t because I have no other work or job, but only in utilizing cheaper books and materials. If only I got work, maybe I can make use of Payday Loans Canada online faxless innovative procedure in catering financial needs for their clients. But what can I do, I am yet a student?

Anyhow, I still am enjoying being a student and making every day and moment in medical school as best as I could.

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