Gastric Dumping Syndrome

Patients who underwent abdominal surgery might be wondering why they feel full though even they have just consume little amount of food. Sometimes, these patients experience nausea and vomiting accompanied by abdominal pain. Most often than not, they also feel that rapid heart beat. These are some early signs and symptoms of Gastric Dumping Syndrome.

Gastric Dumping Syndrome occur after a patient undergone an abdominal surgery. This is what happened; take a look at the image below.

After an abdominal surgery, digestive contents bypass the stomach and the duodenum and directly passes to the jejunum, portion of the small intestine.

The above mentioned symptoms may persist to the later stage of the syndrome and oftentimes the patient may feel weakness of the body, flushing and rapid heartbeat as well. It is best to see the health professional, your doctor, if these symptoms still persist for the proper management.

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