Top Perfumes to Stay Fresh All Day Long

It is very embarrassing when one makes distance from you due to your bad body smell. You become the subject of laugh to many. To get over it, you would try hard. In other words, you spend a lot on purchasing perfumes but this measure goes vain. It’s because the perfume doesn’t keep you fresh all day long.

You smell good for just 2 or 3 hours after that the scent freshness goes away from your body. In this case, you start blaming perfumes. Do you think it is good? Blaming to the brand and its perfumes is no more a good idea. All you need to look for the top brand perfumes such as Armani Perfume which give you guarantee of smelling good for a long time. The second thing is how to spray the scent that keeps you fresh for a long time.

A few people know how to spray the scent in your body. The rule says that people who have oily skin can have effect of a perfume longer than those with dry skin. If your skin is dry, it’s better to apply your favourite scent right after taking a bath. At that time your body has moisture and the effect of the perfume goes deeply to keep you smell good for all day long. Behind ears, neck and armpits are the areas where you can apply your favourite scent. Ensure not to apply much. Smelling out of bottle is also an embarrassing thing that you need to keep in mind. Select the right flavour. In other words, girls can go with floral scents and boys can choose strong flavoured fragrances.

One more important thing which is tickling your mind is shopping for only branded perfumes. There are many cheap fragrances online which helps you to shop your favourite brand fragrance. The only thing you need to do is to know the flavour you would like to buy and choose the shop which has good reputation in the online market. Keeping these two things in your mind will make your shopping experience pleasant.

Take your time to find out the store that carries good reputation. In other words, for how many years the store is serving online. If the shop is new, it’s better to stay away from it. You need to find out the one that is in this business for long years. Check the site client reviews. It should carry positive reviews. You can ignore 2-3 negative reviews but noticing more is a clear indication to leave the site and look for the others.

Once you will find a well reputed store for fragrances, your online shopping would be certainly pleasant…

This is a guest post written by Sophia.

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