Tantra Massage is Not Erotic..Rather THERAPEUTIC

Have you observed that while we are now living in modern technology there are still ancient spiritual traditions made available? One example is the now famous Tantra Massage . Before going through this modern definition of Tantra. Let us first talks on the history of Tantra. It is a very, very old eastern religion, many centuries before Christ. It originated in India about 7000 years ago. Tantra is said to had roots in other parts of the world such as China, Tibet, Japan, Cambodia and Indonesia. It is closely related with religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Tantra Massage (image source: massagebyki.com)

What are the exact rituals of Tantra?

I searched for it’s exact rituals from different historians and authors but it’s hard to pin down since they vary greatly depending on area and the tantric community. But what is commonly used rituals are the repetition of mantras and yantras to invoke deities. Examples are Feasts and bodily functions .

What is Tantra in the modern world today?

Tantra is widely known today for Tantra Massage. I asked 10 people what they understand about Tantric Massage and I got varying answers. Some of them answered that it’s known for easing tension and stress, others say that it’s one way of attaining spiritual healing but most of them said it’s a gateway to pleasure. Tantra massage is not an erotic massage. Many people are confused about what an authentic tantra massage really is. This is understandable, since there are a lot of false operators and centers out there hoping to sell an ‘erotic massage’ under this banner. An erotic massage is designed to arouse the client sexually while a tantric massage targets your overall health and wellbeing. Rather, it is a method of using sensual touch in an ancient ritual that connects two human beings at all levels.

What are benefit of Tantric Massage?

When performed by an expert who has been trained by an experienced tantra teacher, tantric
massage has definite physical and spiritual benefits as follows :

  • The body is able to absorb and process oxygen more efficiently thereby improving blood
  • Muscular tensions which is the major cause of stress are eliminated
  • It can lessen traumas, fears and brings in peace and serenity

Tantra massage can do much more than that what I have mentioned above. It’s not plainly sexual but this helps people in connecting their physical being with their spiritual aspects to experience happiness on earth. Regardless of people’s beliefs and background, Tantric massage is beneficial at all levels. The reason why more and more people choose to embrace it nowadays. Along with beneficial personal transformations, insights and healing it brings bliss and joy of living.

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