PhilHealth covers Leptospirosis Cases

With the recent flooding due to heavy rains in many provinces in the Philippines, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or most commonly named, PhilHealth, announces that Leptospirosis, a diseases which is basically caused by bacteria called Leptospira which is commonly from the infected urine or feces of rats. These infected urine and feces contaminate flooded water and perhaps help direct or even indirect transmission of the bacteria to humans.

Here’s a statement from the PhilHealth president and CEO, Mr. Eduardo P. Banzon.

 All non-members in areas affected by the recent flooding, diagnosed with uncomplicated leptospirosis shall be automatically enrolled as PhilHealth sponsored program members ad shall be accorded the benefits due to them.

This program is effective August 7, 2012 to all admissions of uncomplicated Leptospirosis.

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