Hand cream: dealing with the seasons

You use your hands every day and protecting them from the elements is integral to your well being.

But each season has its unique challenges for your skin and when your hands are open to the sun, wind, rain and hail then they’re bound to show the effects.

The cold temperatures, driving winds and clear air of winter can wreak havoc on your hands. This is when you need a fairly heavy-duty hand cream to keep your skin nourished.

On the other hand, as the temperature soars and humidity bites during summer, your skin can dry out and you need a less oily cream to combat the weather.

Here are some great tips to help you choose the right hand cream – whatever the weather.

Hand Creaming (image source and credits)


During the winter months, dry, cracked skin is a real problem. The humidity disappears and the air becomes cold which can have a really damaging effect on your hands. Your best bet is to try and wear gloves when you’re outside. Not only will this keep your hands toasty, but it’ll also protect them against the elements.

Look for hand cream ingredients that are moisturizing and will hydrate your skin. These types of hand cream will not only moisturize your hands but also start to heal dry and cracked skin leaving them silky smooth and ready to face the cold.


The warm weather makes your skin oily and therefore you need a lighter hand cream compared to the intensive repair properties of a winter product. You can also get hand cream with sun protection built, which is important because your hands are constantly exposed during the warmer months. Go for a product with a sun cream of at least factor 30 and make sure it’s water-resistant.

Finally, look for a hand cream with all-natural ingredients such as coconut and sunflower oil, and vitamin E to get the best out of your hands during the summer.

Follow these simple tips and your hands will stay soft and hydrated whatever Mother Nature throws you way and whatever climate you find yourself in.

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