Treadmill, NO MORE!

If I remember it right, I haven’t mentioned yet that I don’t have treadmill apparatus for exercising now. It’s with my classmate, Jay since the day I moved to a new apartment. One reason I decided that was because I found it impractical to carry it myself since it’s too big and needs a spacious place. My crib before here was really that huge to accommodate extra appliance and other stuff. But now, the place I am in now could only cater me.

So what I am doing now is just a morning brisk walking or even jogging. But telling it honestly, if to choose, I’d still wanted to have my own treadmill for me to do my routine workout even at home or even having the most hectic time I have. So even rainy days, I still can jog or do brisk walking, right?

How I wish I could have one, soon!

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