Qualities of a Competent Tutor

Often we find lack of motivation; fright with distractions, intimidation with other pupils as common reasons of a child’s poor performance at school – getting low grades if not fail on some of his class subjects. For parents who do not have enough time to assist their children in their studies, the best solution there is to address the above mentioned learning issues is to employ a private tutor – an individual teacher who is dedicated to meeting your child’s specific learning needs. See information on tutoring services at www.SchoolTutoring.com.


Basically a competent tutor knows how to focus their teaching on a particular area but other than that he/she must also possess the following important qualities:

Patience – one of the most important quality teachers do practice on a daily basis. Not all children are having the same learning pace while there are some who will test every ounce of your patience. No matter how bad it gets, be the best tutor you can be.

A knack to put a child at ease – this is highly important otherwise, a child who is not comfortable with your presence obviously won’t be able to learn much from you. Stay cool and let the student get past the feeling of inequality and formality.

Persistence – there are students who are just too slow to grasp ideas while there are also those who just don’t care. In these cases persistence means being pushy and getting your way no matter how hard things get.

While not everyone has the luxury to invest on such personalized service, it is also imperative for parents to make sure the child is also on board in order to reap full benefits of hiring a private tutor.

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