Hospital Party

This morning, I went to one of the hospital near in school to check for my status in medical schooling and passed by a group of medical doctors together with a number of medical interns and resident doctors who are partying in the conference room of the hospital.

hospital party (image source and credits)

The party, as I saw it, was far from those parties I had in college. There were no wine barrels for almost unlimited supply of wines and other drinks in the hospital unlike when I was in college where barrels of different flavors and tastes of beers are present. Another was the outfit of the doctors where most of them were just wearing their laboratory gowns but in college, we were really dressed up.


I just miss college days. How I wish to bring those times back even for an hour or two.

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One Response to Hospital Party

  1. kim says:

    uhurmm.. doesn’t sound like a ‘crazy and wild’ party to me.. 😀

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