Not A Medical Technologist

One time, when I and a classmate in medical school during our free time, we roamed around the hospital — from the obstetrics, gynecologic, surgical and internal medicine ward rooms. We also passed by at the laboratory room of the said hospital. While looking at the laboratory balance scales, there were two that I could name and enough to recognize, a medical technologist asked us if we could get inside. Since we are not a medical technologist, by profession, we declined her offer.

Medical Technologist

Yes! Neither, from us, is not a medical technologist. I could only do some laboratory basic methods and experimentation, but those rigid works are not my field of expertise. I can name laboratory equipments but only those I have encountered years ago during my college days — in our molecular, biology and chemistry laboratories. And though I have few knowledge on it, I am not confident in working at any medical laboratories.

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