Medical School Uniform Problems

There is one and only thing I considered a problem when wearing the medical school uniforms and happen to go to the malls or the public market. That is a medical student is looking like a sales lady of the mall or any drug stores.

Funny! But that is true and that’s what I experienced not just once but more than the count of the fingers.

The very firt time was when I was at the mall, of course, we won’t use our stethoscopes when not in the hospitals or not doing medical check-ups, when a woman asked me where do restaurant equipment supply shops located. I was shocked and just stared at her. She looked at me the second time and asked for apology and explained that she thought I was one of the mall’s crew.

Another incidence was when I went to one of the drug and convenience stores. While I was busy picking for some chips, one nun approached me to help her find the specific ointment for joint pains. I stopped for a while. When she noticed that I didn’t move, she had a second look at me and just smile and said that she thought I was one of the stores’ sales ladies.

So, how do you think I could get myself over with these medical school uniform problems I have?

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2 Responses to Medical School Uniform Problems

  1. irvin says:

    very informative in terms of medical issues… nice blog… I link you in my blog list.. hope you will link me too. thank you..!

  2. Pse says:

    I think you should bring along other shirt with you =)

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