RELAX! Get a Massage at Ambrosia

How do you call a person getting addicted to spa and massages? Spaholic? Is it? If so, just call me spaholic then.

Yes! I am addicted to the pampering soothing and relaxing massage offered by any spa centers. I get used to this when I was diagnosed after suffering from migraine way back college days. It was my neurologist who advised me to get myself a time to relax and try an hour of break at any spa parlors with a Swedish massage. Thence, I and mom never hesitated to check out the spa centers in Davao City. And when I entered medical school, I always get a massage almost always every other 2 weeks — that’s twice a month.

For now, I wanted to try the Ambrosia’s massage Montréal and spa. Accordingly, Ambrosia is a spa center that offers health care massage therapy, life coaching and other body care services.

The center is equipped with materials helpful for every clients’ needs. They are also mainly composed of highly trained professional masseurs and health personnel who provide exceptional services.

Some of the types of massages that Ambrosia offers are Sports, Thai, Swedish, Californian, Deep Tissue and Esalen massages. They also offer hot-stone massage and lymphatic drainage massage and more.

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  1. Mona says:

    Its been so many years since i last experienced massage maybe this is the time to visit spa and massage center again.

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