Hotpoint washing machines will eat your chocolate (stains)

Hotpoint washing machines will eat your chocolate stains.Now, I love food. I’m a big fan of chocolate. My personal favorite is a nice white chocolate Toblerone. If you spill white chocolate on your clothing it’s not too bad. Certainly not as noticeable as its milk or dark chocolate counterparts. Spill that on your best shirt and I guarantee you’ll need to give it a good cleaning right away!

My mum always said having a good washing machine is important. You use it all the time. Every home has one so it makes sense to have a durable, good quality machine. I’ve always liked Hotpoint because they have been around for years so they have to be doing something right.

They actually do loads of domestic appliances – everything from dryers to coffee machines. But personally, if I want a coffee, I go to Starbucks. However, I think their laundry products are some of the best on the market. They are perfect for the family home, with many having massive 11kg capacities. 1kg is around 5 t-shirts so you’ll be cleaning a load of dirty clothes in one go, saving you time and effort and letting you cut down how many times you use it weekly.

Of course, there’s a host of programs for almost any type of clothing. Everything from synthetics to delicate is taken care of. Plus you can even get fast wash cycles that do a couple of shirts in only 30 minutes! I like using that, especially when I want to use my favorite shirt again the next day. (Girls, yes it’s true. Men DO use the same clothes more than once!)

Overall, I’m not afraid to enjoy that chocolate bar, even if I do spill a little onto my clothes.

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