Menstruation, Diarrhea and Migraine — in ONE!

I always suffer triad of symptoms which really hurt me most — menstruation, diarrhea and migraine.

Many said this is not normal. But for me, I found this normal in my system, in my body since this what usually happening to me every time I have my period.

What about you? What do you usually feel or suffer when you have your period?

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2 Responses to Menstruation, Diarrhea and Migraine — in ONE!

  1. kimmy says:

    uugh! i thought i was the only unlucky one to suffer these..

  2. A pain reliever would be a quick fix indeed. You might also have endometriosis, so make sure you don’t! Or here’s a natural pain remedy that might work: a warm compress/ warm pack on your tummy. The heat will help relax the cramped up muscles of the uterus. But I don’t know what that would do to your diarrhea. =)

    By the way, diarrhea may be part of dysmenorrhea – when the endometrial implants are attached to the peritoneum, there is a sort of sterile peritonitis that causes diarrhea everytime you have your period. =) Ask your gynecologist about this.

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