Learning Techies Online — Cloud Storage

Would you believe that I learned techie stuff — terms and functions online, only when I started to blog. And I never regret joining the blogging world since this has brought a lot of good and also bad things to me. I considered the latter as experiences and learning that until now I still am.

One of the techie stuff that I’ve learned online is the basics and knowledge of cloud storage.  Cloud storage, basically, is an online storage of data. It is a network of virtual storage area managed and run by third party online hosting companies.

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How Cloud Storage Works

As mentioned, the companies that are hosting these storage data are operating in a certain data base centers. Clients purchase a storage and allocation they needed from the hosting servers. These services are made available by many servers to any web application programming interface where clients use as a tool in accessing their stored data.

Choosing the Best Cloud Storage

Personally, I couldn’t say that there’s one best cloud storage services that a hosting server offers. It depends on the need of storage capacity of each clients. For instance, a small business can utilize smaller storage cloud capacity compared to the larger business company.

However, to choose which cloud storage server to purchase at, one can read reviews of cloud storage compare sites where a list of cloud storage are listed including features, prices and more.

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