Hotpoint Washing Machines

Laundry. The very word gives me the shivers. I can’t think of a single person who actually enjoys doing the laundry. But at least it’s better than 10 years ago. Remember when we had laundrettes? Those hot, humid places where you didn’t want to be, talking to people you didn’t want to talk to? And then lugging your clean clothes all the way back home.

Thankfully, Hotpoint have a great selection of washing machines that are big enough for large families and look a little different from the normal washing machines you might expect. The Aqualtis AQ113F497E can hold up to 55 t-shirts worth of clothing. That’s pretty immense and perfect for a family of 4 or more.

Hotpoint Aqualtis AQ113F497E Washing Machine

It could load a lot of programs that are family friendly, and it looks good for business. The white body is offset with a really funky tungsten finish door that gives it quite a futuristic look.

I think models like these will become common before too long as it add a nice little touch of design to the kitchen.

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